Now you can organize Instagram Posts into Private Collections

Instagram has recently added the capability to organize saved posts into Private Collections. It also gives you the ability to create a new collection when saving a post or simply add it to an existing collection.

These Collections can be viewed from the saved posts tab within your profile. Just like other saved posts, collections are private and only you can view them.

You can tap and hold the bookmark icon underneath any post to save to a collection. Which can be viewed later whenever you need to view it.

Instagram won’t stop copying:

It seems like Instagram is taking aim at Pinterest with this new feature, which is based around sharing and cataloging of images and videos into boards known as “pins”. Instagram has been taking many popular features from other apps, like the ability to save photos, multiple photos and Stories; all of these copied from the rival apps.

This new feature is a part latest update to the Instagram app 10.16  for Android and iOS devices. It is currently being rolled out and will be available for all users very soon.

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