OPPO managed to dazzle the tech-enthusiasts and camera lovers around the world with its new periscope-style Dual-Camera technology at the MWC this year. This new setup could achieve 5x lossless optical zoom and removes the camera hump on the back altogether.

However, this new camera tech might take a couple of years before we can actually see it in the commercial products. The same thing happened with Super VOOC charging technology introduced in early 2016, which claimed to charge your phone in less than 15 minutes. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen it implemented in an actual product yet. Instead OPPO didn’t even added the VOOC to most of its products launched recently, leaving customers lag behind with slow charging speeds.

OPPO R11 Could be an Ugly Copy of iPhone 7 Plus:

The recently launched F3 Plus, its first Dual-Selfie camera phone was huge disappointment since it doesn’t offer anything extra-ordinary and despite OPPO’s claims of being the “Selfie Expert”, other phones in same price range manage to take better photos.

Quite recently the alleged images of OPPO’s upcoming flagship device R11 leaked on the web, which show a Dual-Camera setup on the back – directly ripped off from the iPhone 7 Plus.

The camera housing, antenna lines and the phone layout, they all look just similar to those of iPhone 7 Plus. We do know that OPPO’s recent batch of smartphones are heavily inspired by the iPhone, however this leaked image shows that now they have copied just about everything.

Where’s the Find 9?

OPPO was once considered an enthusiast brand just like its sibling; the OnePlus, bringing unique products with top-notch specifications at affordable prices.

However, in order to expand the sales OPPO has made a huge change in its products portfolio. Now this Chinese smartphone maker is focusing more on marketing gimmicks rather than actually putting good hardware inside a phone.

F Series, quite popular due to its camera capabilities have very low grade hardware inside, similarly the R9 and R9s, its two best-selling phones in China have the same cheap hardware. This approach allows OPPO to save a lot of money, that they could spend upon advertising.

However, this also means that none of OPPO’s recent “flagship” devices are capable of competing with other brands like Huawei, Lenovo or even Xiaomi.

It’s been 3 years, since OPPO launched an actual flagship and the loyal brand enthusiasts have been waiting since to get Find 9, which supposedly would pack some decent hardware and bring unique features.

It seems like they have to wait a bit longer, since OPPO is busy flooding the market with iPhone rip-offs, labeling them as Selfie Experts even if they don’t deserve this title.