Uber Reduces Rates for Go in Pakistan, Launches UberX for Bigger Cars

Uber has announced to reduce uberGO prices by 20% on average in Lahore and Karachi. Starting today, minimum fares would be Rs. 120 and the base fare will be Rs. 80 only.

People who have just signed up for Uber can use the promo code GOLAHORE or GOKARACHI for first free trip up to Rs. 200.

The new rate details are as follows:

  • Rs. 80 Base Price
  • Rs. 5.59 per KM
  • Rs. 2.50 per minute
  • Rs. 120 minimum charge for a single ride
  • Rs. 120 cancellation fee

UberX in Pakistan:

The prices of UberGo are reduced to introduce another category called UberX in Pakistan that ensures a more superior experience.

All cars in UberX will be high end sedans, including Honda Civic, Honda City, Toyota Corolla or Toyota Prius. For times when you need a bigger and more spacious car you can choose uberX.

To select UberX you will have to use the third option named “UberX”, the other two are UberGo and UberAuto.

The UberX rate details are as follows:

  • Rs. 110 Base Price
  • Rs. 8.7 per KM
  • Rs. 3.15 per minute (Lahore)
  • Rs. 2.50 per minute (Karachi)
  • Rs. 150 minimum charge for a single ride
  • Rs. 170 cancellation fee

Before the launch of UberX, all big and small cars were part of UberGo, but now you will get a big car only when you order UberX. However, for UberGo you’ll now have to pay less and get a small car.

Do you think its a good bargain?