Careem Users Get Private Calling Option to Connect with Captains

Ride hailing apps like Careem provide all basic functionality through its smartphone application. However, in order to contact the driver when you have to give specific location instructions, it demands a mobile phone call or SMS.

That way the driver gets the number of the customer and may misuse it ─ we’ve already heard about such incidents where Careem and Uber drivers have tried to harass the customers on phone, especially women.

Careem Provides Number Privacy:

Careem customers can now get a sigh of relief as the captains will no longer be able to get customer’s mobile number. If you want to hide the number you won’t be calling the captain directly.

Instead, after booking a ride customer will have to simply call on 111 227 336, choose the language and press 2 and the call will be automatically connected to your captain.

Keep one thing in mind that in order for this to work, you’ll have to call from your registered number against your Careem account.

You’ll also have to use the city code before this number, like if you’re in Lahore you will be dialing 042 111 227 336, it will be charged a local off-net call.

There should be a SMS Short Code or IM Service as well:

Hopefully this new feature will help the customers keep their privacy intact and reduce the number of obnoxious calls and SPAM messages.

Just in case the customer has to send a message to the captain, Careem should also provide a short code messaging service that delivers the SMSs without revealing customer’s number.

This can be achieved through a chat client bundled with the Careem app, that allows two way communication through instant messages, only when the ride is active.

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