Donald Trump Uses Only 1 Application on His iPhone, Everything else is Locked

The President of United States is known to have a very complicated relation with technology, as many reports indicates that he doesn’t even use a computer. His staff prints all his emails for him and then he writes the replies, which are then scanned and sent back as PDF files.

However, he does use smartphones and one app in particular, which is Twitter. The users at Twitter have been reading his aggressive tweets before and after his ascend to the office of President.

Previously, he was using an Android device and an iPhone to access this Twitter account, but for the past couple of months he is using only an iPhone. Interesting the most harsh and stupid tweets were done using an Android phone, while his iPhone tweets were well refined, indicating that the Android phone was used by him and the iPhone tweets were from the staff.

Trump’s affinity for Twitter is unchallengeable:

Security experts says that the iPhone he is using now is heavily locked and even the pre-installed first-party apps are not visible on this phone. The only accessible app is Twitter and somehow Trump has convinced his security team to let him use Twitter.

It merits mentioning here that recent leaks regarding CIA hacking tools revealed that even the most secure operating systems can be easily hacked and that includes Android as well. For this reason most of the prominent politicians and government people around the world are shifting towards iPhone, as it is believed to more secure.