Ethiopia Gets an ATM Like Machine, That Spits Out Latest Movies and TV Shows

Torrents made it quite easier for people to download movies, games and apps; which is illegal according to the law, but in third world countries there are much bigger problems than piracy.

Tech enthusiasts, geeks and anyone with a little know-how of computers and internet can download movies and other stuff, but what about those people who are not well versed with this “technique”?

Well, there is an easy solution being implemented in a shopping mall of Ethiopia. The shopping has installed this ATM like kiosk, which spits out latest movies and TV-shows, at ridiculously low prices.

Piracy Made Easier for Ethiopians:

Basically, you go to this very big store and you approach the machine and you plug in a USB drive. The screen will turn on and it will let you browse through a massive archive of movies.

Needless to say, DRM and copyright protection aren’t high on the agenda for this unusual and innovative machine.

Customers can get a movie for 3 to 5 birr, which converted to PKR costs 15 to 25 rupees only. TV-shows and documentaries have much cheap rates and you can get packages to buy movies in bulk.

TorrentFreak notes that the maintenance guy torrents all day and stores the data on the drives shown by these ATM SwiftMedia machines.

This would not have been a big deal as this is Ethiopia and the allegedly democratic government has bigger issues. However, something like this won’t last for very long in other countries especially United States and the Europe.

It is worth mentioning that here in our country we do have a similar solution, but that requires human interaction. You can visit your nearest computer market and get your USB flashdrive or microSD card filled with latest movies and songs for a nominal price. Better than Ethiopia, right?

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