Facebook Will Hire 3,000 More People to Review Videos and Live Streams

Facebook says that it will hire another 3,000 people for its community team to review videos posted on Facebook’s platform.

This move came after several incidents of murder, rapes and other harmful videos being posted and streamed live on Facebook, the recent one showed a father killing his daughter.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook says that “it is heartbreaking to see videos streamed or posted to the platform showing users hurting themselves or others. He says 4,500 employees currently work on the community team reviewing reports on videos, and will add 3,000 over the next year.

He further said that the company is working on an easy reporting mechanism, so these kinds of videos could be taken down immediately.

Facebook will introduce more tools making it simpler to report issues, and allowing monitors to more quickly identify videos violating standards and contact law enforcement if required.

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