OPPO F3 Takes Selfie Craze To a Whole New Level [Review]

F3 also offers a dedicated File Manager, which keeps all kind of data organized in different sections or you can easily access the internal storage, but I find it a bit complicated to use the File Manager or the Photos Explorer in this phone. The press and hold to cut, copy or move a file doesn’t simply work and you’ll have to use the edit option first and then select the file. Similarly deleting files or SMS in a bulk is quite a headache as there is no option to “Select all”, which is a pretty basic thing for Android.

For this reason, I think OPPO should reconsider its software strategy. Sure most of the Android users doesn’t care much about the core Android and they’re happy with the fancy customizations, but there is need for timely updates and OPPO should focus more on its “Project Spectrum” that aims to bring pure Android experience for Android phones.

Battery and Charging:

OPPO had a great advantage over its competitors in terms of battery and fast charging. OPPO’s revolutionary VOOC Flash Charge is something that is unique and probably the fastest charging solution for mobile phones.

Unfortunately, F3 lacks this great feature and does offer a charger with 5V / 2A ratings only. It has a 3200mAh non-removable battery that takes over 2 hours to charge and provides a 1.5 days’ backup while having 4-5 hour screen on time with Wi-Fi internet.

In our endurance tests, the battery is adequate enough to play 1080p videos for more than 9 hours after a 100% charge. Which is quite good for a phone having 5.5-inch screen.

The thing I personally liked about OPPO F3 is that it doesn’t get hot, while charging or playing games. I think OPPO has done a good job to keep things “cool”. It does get warm a little but not super-hot like some other smartphones, especially the ones from Huawei.

Price and Availability:

OPPO F3 is now available in the market for a price of Rs. 34,899 and you can buy it from anywhere in Pakistan with one year local warranty of OPPO Pakistan. Currently this phone is only available in Gold color, which sometimes looks regular gold and sometimes, rose gold.

I am sure that soon OPPO will launch a black color variant of this phone but at this moment you don’t get any kind of choice.

Talking about the price, it is definitely much cheaper than the elder sibling F3 Plus, but it also lacks many of the features and to be honest I think it is a bit overpriced. I think if OPPO keeps the price anywhere near Rs. 30,000 it would be the best mid-range phone anyone can get in Pakistan.

Final Words:

OPPO F3 is a phone with solid build quality and a decent design layout. The size of the phone is just perfect and it packs some tip-top features like Dual-Selfie cameras, Fastest fingerprint scanner and a high-performance battery.

However, In this price range the competition is quite tough and F3 lacks a bit in terms of hardware performance, screen and of course the Operating System.

I think that F3 could be a good choice for people interested in a smartphone that works smooth and their main focus is on camera, especially the selfies.

But for people looking for a smartphone that performs extra-ordinary and packs some latest hardware and software, F3 might not be the best choice.

It is always a difficult choice to get a phone that performs fittingly well, while keeping the price in check, but since there are not many options available – especially for Pakistani customers; F3 could be the phone that suits you.

Once again, I think OPPO should reduce the price a bit and discontinue old models, in order to get more sales for this phone. Because at the moment, OPPO is selling too many Selfie Experts and it is quite hard to choose.

What do you think about F3, Did I miss anything in the review? Do share your views in the comments section below and if you have any questions, shoot ’em up!