HMD Global to Launch Nokia Smartphones in Pakistan Next Week

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones has announced to launch the range of Nokia smartphones and Nokia 3310 in Pakistan next week.

The company has partnered with Jazz in this regard, which will offer special promotions on the purchase of Nokia phones to the consumers.

Setting a new standard in design, quality and user experience throughout its smartphone range, HMD Global believes that every consumer should have access to premium quality, outstanding design and a pure android experience.

Combined with a thoughtful design philosophy that focuses on improving the smartphone experience at every level, each technical component of a Nokia phone has been carefully considered and integrated to benefit consumers’ daily lives. Drawing on the hallmarks of the Nokia phone heritage of quality, simplicity and reliability, Nokia phones are designed for the new generation of fans.

With a commitment to deliver pure Android on all smartphones, users can expect a simple, clean and clutter free experience. Featuring the latest Google services, as well as monthly security updates, Nokia smartphones are safe, secure and up-to-date. The new Nokia smartphones feature Google’s most recent innovation, the Google Assistant, building further on a great Android experience.

Kamran Khan, Country Head, HMD Pakistan said, “This partnership will go a long way to help us in providing a seamless experience to the mobile phone users in Pakistan. We have partnered with Jazz – Pakistan’s largest mobile network to build up on the excitement & the anticipation we’ve seen from Pakistani consumers following the announcement of Nokia phones at the Mobile World Congress in February this year. We are working closely with Jazz to bring the Nokia phones into the hands of fans and ensure we’re accessible to everyone.”

“The partnership between Jazz and HMD Global will be an excellent experience for fans of the Nokia phones. As the leader in digital telecommunication in Pakistan, Jazz believes such enterprises will reap stimulating benefits for our customers,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CEO – Jazz.

The Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 along with Nokia 3310 will be available for sale in partnership with Jazz from the end of June 2017.

  • I hope price international market jaise hon.

    • Met with their marketing and product manager yesterday and he says the prices are better than India.

      However, the 3310 is pretty darn expensive and will be offered in limited quantity, Rs. 6500 approx.

      • Nokia 6 aur Nokia 5 k baray main kia report hai ?

    • @kofmzc:disqus @teampixels:disqus Q Mobile offering NOKIA 3310 in just PKR 1,999 Main.

  • Szkhan Amira705

    Nokia 6 Pakistan mein kab launched hoga?
    End of June Ka sona tha.

  • Hamza Latif Khan

    Shame on the dealings and too much late launch of Nokia phones in Pakistan,
    Last night I finally bought Qmobile Noir M6 cause I really needs a new phone, my old one was almost served his life, I was waiting for Nokia since January… But thanks to Nokia cause of Nokia i buy such a handsome hand set 😉 and Noir M6 have better features then Nokia 6 battery camera gaming experience everything…