Jazz Super 4G gives a Reliable Internet Experience at Budget (Review)

A reliable internet connection is a must have these days and for a person whose job is related to the internet, having a shitty connection could be the worst nightmare.

That’s exactly what happened with me, when due to road construction my main PTCL broadband started having connectivity problems. For some urgent matter of work, I switched to my mobile 4G internet but when connected to a computer it was being consumed very quickly.

In my search of an alternate, I have stumbled upon various alternates with Zong recommended by many friends, however the dilemma was that Zong 4G device failed to work indoors with poor connectivity.

On my mobile I have been using Jazz as my primary network, which always proved to be quite reliable, so after much thought I have decided to buy a Jazz Wingle Device.

This device did cost me for Rs. 2,000 and the 36GB data package price was Rs. 1,500. So, in total I’ve paid Rs. 3,500. Jazz gives me an interesting option, where if I have un-used data MBs before end of month, I re-subscribe same bundle again to carry forward my Data MBs till the end of next month. This way, I fully utilize the value I pay for, this option is only available with Jazz.

Jazz Super 4G Device Overview:

The Jazz Super 4G WiFi wingle device comes with a SIM card and after activation you can just plug this device in your laptop or attach to any USB port or powerbank to start using it right away.

Just to be clear that this wingle device doesn’t have a power source of its own, which means that you’ll have to connect it to a USB port. However, it can be much more beneficial than a battery powered device because you won’t have to charge the device again and again to use and when connected to a laptop / desktop this device creates an ethernet connection; which works much faster than Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi on this device can also connect to 12 devices at the same time as compared to 5 devices on other operator devices.

Jazz Super 4G Performance:

At the time of writing it’s been 3 weeks that I am using this device and I didn’t have any problem so far. Usually at my home and workplace the download speed ranges between 20 – 30 Mbps and the connectivity has been reliable so far.
The internet also works in the basement of my work place, where mostly I am not able to get mobile signals, which means that the device is quite powerful.

Here are some of the screenshots for the Speed tests done at different locations of Lahore.

How to check data usage on Jazz Super 4G and change Wi-Fi Password:

The process is quite simple, if you plug-in the device there appears a Jazz WiFi icon or you can open any browser and log on to jazz.wifi, for username and password you should use admin. In the administration panel, you can not only see the data consumption but also change Wi-Fi username and password.
Alternately you can access *6363# menu from your other contact number (given at the time of purchase/biometric activation) and use it to recharge your device number, check usage and subscribe bundles. Accessing *6363# menu from jazz.wifi/ allows you to update your other contact number as well.

Other contact number is a very interesting feature, it not just allows you to manage device number from your phone, but also sends timely usage intimation messages to know remaining bundles volumes and expiry date.


During these 3 weeks of use, I’ve found Jazz Super 4G to be quite reliable and the speed is fast enough to download all my work data super-fast. The one thing I’ve noticed about Jazz Super 4G is that it works the same indoors and outdoors and the signal strength is always good, giving the best possible speed.