In a surprising move the three big smartphone manufacturers from China have jointly established the “inter-transfer alliance” to achieve cross brand one-touch mutual transmission.

According to this alliance, smartphones from all three brands would soon be able to transfer files with each other at up to 20 MBps without any third-party app ensuring a seamless media transfer experience.

The transfer supports multiple file formats such as photos, videos, songs, documents, etc and is fast (up to 20 MBps), stable, and power-efficient. There’s no need for any third-party apps, so if you switch from one brand to another — it is going to be much easier to shift your personal data as well.

It merits mentioning here that these brands make up for huge market share not only in China but South Asia as well. So if this system is implemented, many users will benefit from it.

Currently the program is in beta stage and will be rolled out for all 3 brands by the end of this year with a hint of other major manufacturers like Huawei and Honor joining the party.