Comparison of iPhone X speed with Razer Phone and OnePlus 5T

Comparison of Apple iPhone X with Razer Phone and the OnePlus 5T, do you imagine which of these flagships are better? The display, processor, camera and device size are among the factors that influence the choice of smartphone. Although many current flagships are sold with high RAM, the new PhoneBuff video highlights the high importance […]

Huawei P11 - iPhone X Design

Design of the Huawei P11 is inspired by the iPhone X

Huawei has a much simpler way of introducing a mobile phone, especially a flagship, compared to other companies. As an example, now all the smartphones are trying to get part of the Snapdragon 845 chip line, but Huawei is quietly working on its next flagship Huawei P11. As we know, the Chinese leading manufacturer usually comes […]

This Year Worldwide Internet Speed ​​Increased by 30 Percent

Internet technology has gone a long way in the past, and Internet speed has improved quite a bit since the days of dial-up networking. In those years you accidentally lost your internet connection when you touched the phone, but nowadays the point of the internet is really impressive. According to a survey done in the […]

coinbase bitcoin wallet

The Coinbase app is downloaded twice as fast as the Instagram

The bitcoin price has been staggering over the past month, and this has made many people eager to test their fortunes in the competition. Many of these newcomers use the Coinbase app, which is a simple and practical tool for buying and selling Bitcoin . Using this app (available for ios and android), users will […]