Selected bowlers from King of Speed given another chance to win Rs.1 Million

The recent Ufone “ King of Speed ” trials managed to bring in more than four thousand fast bowlers from across the country, each wanting to find a place at the National Bowling camp and tried their best to win a prize of Rs.1 Million. While no bowler managed to reach the 145km/h but four lucky wild card winners made it to the National Camp. The National Bowlers Camp will conclude on the 29th of April and Ufone will give Abdul Ameer and Mohammad Imran from Karachi, Faisal Yaseen from Faisalabad and Ahmed Jamal from Abbotabad yet another chance to win the cash prize.


It was earlier announced that anyone who reaches or surpasses the 145km/h mark will win the fastest bowler prize but on the last day of the camp the selected 4 will be given an over each to bowl and the bowler who clocks the highest speed will win the Rs.1 Million grand prize.

Mohammad Imran King of Speed pacer selected from Karachi said:

I am delighted to be a part of the National Bowlers Camp and under Wasim Akram’s supervision I have learned a lot about fast bowling. This experience is sure to help me better my bowling technique alongside help me be a more aggressive bowler in the days to come. My initial focus was to get into the camp but since Ufone has given us another chance I am confident that I will deliver the fastest speed and look forward to win the cash prize being offered by Ufone.