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Pakorbit was established in 2012 with an aim to bring authentic news, reviews and analysis from the tech and telecom Industry. As the name suggests this publication has its focus on Pakistan’s market, though we also cover international events.

Presently, it is one of the widely read and respected blog in Pakistan. It reaches a deep community of tech enthusiasts, IT & telecom professionals, entrepreneurs, government officials, students and everyone else who loves to know about the latest trends.

Quite recently we have also started covering, education, business and startups. We believe that technology is changing the lives of everyone and is not limited to the IT industry.

However, we do keep our best to refrain from sensational yellow journalism, reminding ourselves that Pakorbit isn’t a “tabloid”.

Our Team:

  • Zohair Chohan – Founder
  • Muhammad Umair – Editor
  • Salman Amjad – Administrator
  • Hassan Shakeel – Telecom Expert
  • M. Murtaza – Contributing Writer
  • Saqib Khan – Contributing Writer

We also want to extend our appreciation to our contributors and the loyal readers. Because you guys help us learn more by sharing your valuable suggestions and ideas.

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