Brazil Gets a Rehab Center for Internet and Smartphone Addicts

Smartphones and internet have become an addiction for many people today, especially infecting the young adults of this generation. These modern devices do solve many of our problems, but they are also the cause of arguments and conflicts. People are so dependent upon internet and smartphones that they can’t separate them from their lives anymore […]

Nokia and Xiaomi Announces Business and Patent Cooperation Agreements

Nokia and Xiaomi announced that they have signed a business collaboration agreement and a multi-year patent agreement, including a cross license to each company’s cellular standard essential patents. Under the business cooperation agreement, Nokia will provide network infrastructure equipment designed to deliver the high capacity, low power requirements expected by large web providers and datacenter […]

Pakistan to get Water ATMs for Clean Drinking Water

The Information Technology University Lahore and University of Colorado Boulder are going to work together to create Water ATMs – Water Dispensing and Quality Measurement Units in Pakistan. Due to the lack of regular monitoring of various filtration mechanisms, the water quality is below acceptable levels at many plants. At the same time, Pakistan is […]

Met Department to Introduce Advance Briefing System for New Islamabad Airport

The Pakistan Meteorological Department will be providing advanced technology based aviation met services from New Islamabad international Airport to all international and National flights. The Meteorological Department with support of aviation division, has procured a State-of-the-art “Pilot MET Briefing System” from France that will be installed at NIIA before it becomes operational. A press release […]

Dubai Gets World’s First Robocop Patrolling Its Streets

You may have seen the 1987 science fiction movie “Robocop” or its reboot, in which robots and cyborgs are shown patrolling the streets of Detroit in not so distant future. It seems like that future is already here, as Dubai police gets the world’s first operational robot policeman. This Robocop made its debut at the […]

The MP3 Audio Format is Officially Dead

MP3 is one of the most popular audio format across the globe, it changed the way we listen to music – from bulky Walkmans to compact MP3 Players. Before MP3 an audio CD could only hold 8 – 10 songs, but with MP3 the same CD stored more than 100 songs. MP3 format allowed digital audio to […]

Election Commission Links Polling Stations with Google Maps for 2018 Elections

The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced that it has linked more 70,000 polling stations with Google Maps. This will enable voters to locate polling stations near their homes for the general elections 2018. Using Google Maps, users will also be able to calculate the distance to the nearest polling stations from their homes. Since […]

Pakistan and Afghanistan will Use Google Maps to Settle the Border Dispute

Pakistan shares its borders with four neighboring countries – Afghanistan, China, India, and Iran. The border with Afghanistan is the longest at 2,430 kilometers, called Durand Line which runs from Hindu Kush and Pamir Mountains. Though it is officially considered a border between two countries, Pakistan has always shown leniency for the Afghans trying to […]

HoloLens Creator Says that Smartphones are Dead, Hybrid Devices are the Future

Alex Kipman, the inventor of Microsoft’s HoloLens belives that smartphones are yesterday’s news and mix reality gadgets are the future. He asserts that the smartphone is already dead and people haven’t just realized it yet. Keep in mind that, these words are coming from a person who’s own company is thrown out of smartphone business. Besides […]

Dubai Seeks Punjab Government’s Help for Digitalization & Cyber Security

Punjab Information Technology Board will assist the authorities in Dubai government for the digitalization of their police stations and improvements in the cyber security system. A formal request made by chief of Dubai police Abdullah Khalifa at a meeting with PITB chairman Dr Umar Saif in Dubai, asked for Pakistan’s expertise. Talking to media Umar […]