Wi-tribe brings Double Volume for new 1 Mbps Basic package

Wi-tribe has recently introduced a new promotion called ‘Double Volume’ for its1Mbps Basic package customers.


Offer Details:
‘Double Volume’ promotional offer will increase the current 12 GB download volume of the 1 Mbps Basic package to 24 GB for 2 months without any additional costs. The offer is valid from April to May, 2013 and is only for new subscribers of the 1Mbps Basic package.

In addition wi-tribers who have purchased the package before the launch of the promo in April will automatically get double volume.

Terms and conditions:

  • This offer will apply for only 1Mbps basic package
  • Offer is valid for the month April and May only
  • Subscription month will be considered as 1st month of double volume
  • Double volume will be cancelled if a customer changes package to any other package
  • Package transitions to 1Mbps Basic will not be eligible for Double Volume
  • Customers who have purchased 1Mbps basic package (before the launch of promo) in the month of April will get double volume automatically within next week – they will also be informed through email & SMS

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