Facebook now lets you edit the Look Back video

Facebook introduced “Look Back” feature on its 10th anniversary. Look Back is a video containing your first moments on Facebook, most likes post and photos with a dramatic music playing in the background.

When it was first introduced there was no option to share this video with your friends, and you have to do it the hard way; download the video and then re-upload it to Facebook. But when the folks at Facebook realized its going to cost them extra space, they have added the share feature and then everyone just went crazy — sharing this video with their friends and family.

Usually we upload all kinds of stuff on Facebook and some of that is totally embarrassing. You might agree that the photos you have upload some 3-4 years ago look kind of stupid now, and imagine if Look Back feature those photos. So here’s a good news, now you can pick and choose photos that will appear in that video. There’s a limited choice but you can at least omit the photos you don’t want your friends to see in the video. Give a try and share your experience in the comments section below.


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