Twitter will now collect the List of Apps installed on your Phone


Twitter has announced that it will begin tracking the list of applications installed on your smartphone on tablet to help build a more personal experience for you.

In a blog post the company has clarified that it is only collecting the list of applications installed on the device and no data within the applications will stored or shared. As to why Twitter is collecting the app list? the answer is that it is using the app graph to help build a more tailored experience for users with improved “who to follow” suggestions and showing relative “promoted content”.

The company says that it will notify you about this feature being turned on for your account by showing a prompt.  Until you see this prompt, this setting is turned off and Twitter is not collecting a list of your apps.

If this service is already activated for you, but you don’t like being monitored; you can easily turn of this feature and remove your app graph data under Account settings. You can also disable this feature by activating “Limit Ad Tracking” or “Opt out of interest based ads” on your device.