Pokémon Go is latest internet phenomenon, everyone is talking about it. Some people love playing it, some are waiting of it and some are annoyed seeing it everywhere.

It is one of the biggest mobile game in history with millions of active users daily beating Candy Crush, Angry Birds etc.

Even in Pakistan, where the game is not officially launched, people are downloading the apks from internet and playing it. Some addicts have also published maps to guide users.

On the other hand hackers and malicious software developers also trying to use the game success as tool to spread viruses, ransomeware and distribute illegal ads.

The security company ESET has recently discovered three fake versions of Pokémon Go available through Google Play Store.

Google has later removed these apps but in a very short time, these have been downloaded by thousands of users, not knowing the risks. Apks of these fake applications are still available on internet and users who don’t have access to game yet are likely to download them.

The worst of three is Pokémon Go Ultimate that locks the phone screen and users have no other choice to pull out the battery or reset the phone. The other applications silently run in the background clicking porn ads to make revenue for its creators.

Google has once again warned users not to download any apks from 3rd party websites and install an antivirus program to regularly scan all installed applications.