Google has announced today that now its Google Apps for Work will be called “G Suite.” Why? I can tell you its because the old name was a little too long and after 10 years they needed a fresh start.

However Google says that the new name better represents the purpose of helping people everywhere work and innovate together, so businesses can move faster and go bigger.


Anyway G Suite brings a set of intelligent apps like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts etc designed to bring people together with real-time collaboration. Google has announced another bunch of new features that will be added soon to G Suite.

Tell me more about these “New Features”

These new features aim to use AI and machine learning to automate the tasks and make it much easier to get the right information. Starting with Quick Access in Google Drive that will help you find relevant files based on your meetings and interactions with coworkers.

Google Calendar is updated with new machine learning based scheduling, and Sheets will now use Natural Language Processing to translate your question into a formula and offer an instant answer.

Explore in Google Docs with machine intelligence, automatically recommends related topics to learn about, images to insert and more content to discover. You can even use Explore in Docs to find a related document from Drive.

A new feature also helps you to create smarter presentations, as you add content to your presentation, Explore in Google Slides dynamically offers layout suggestions that help your content shine.

Team Drives and Meetings:

In addition to the new features, Google is launching a new product today called Team Drives. It shifts from a focus on the individual user to a focus on the team. Content ownership and sharing are managed at the team level. Team Drives helps streamline teamwork from end-to-end, from on-boarding a new team member to off-boarding a departing team member and everything in-between.


Google also introduced a new meeting experience for Hangouts which requires no downloads, no browser plugins, invite anyone, join from any device, even without an account or a data connection.

These new features are only available through an Early Adopter Program, which follows a limited preview Google had run with a small number of customers.