Facebook Introduces Live Audio Broadcasts

We all know that Facebook’s Live Video feature is quite a hassle, you need a good internet connection and more than one cameras would have been required if you wanted to make a good impression. Also many people are camera shy, they want to spread their message but don’t want their face on the internet.

So here comes the “Live Audio”, by using which you can broadcast in audio only. Just as with a Live Video on Facebook, listeners can discover live audio content in News Feed, ask questions and leave reactions in real time during the broadcast, and easily share with their friends.

Android Listeners Can Turn off Screens:

People using Android devices will be able to continue listening to a Live Audio broadcast even if they leave the Facebook app or lock their phones, while iOS listeners will be able to continue listening as they browse other parts of Facebook.

You may not see this new feature right away, as Facebook plans to test Live Audio with several partners, like BBC and others before making it available for general public.

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