While humans managed to maintain the “upper hand” in the game of poker for many years, AI has finally caught up. Artificial intelligence has made history by beating humans in poker for the first time.

In a 20-day marathon poker tournament, Libratus AI racked up over $1.7 million worth of chips against four of the top professional poker players in the world. This victory is significant because poker is an imperfect information game, just like the real world.

Libratus AI in Real World:

One of the main reasons for Libratus victory was the its ability out-bluff humans. Consequently, companies all over the world seeking to use Libratus’ algorithm for problem solving.

The computer can’t win at poker if it can’t bluff.

Libratus has shown that AI’s ability to do strategic reasoning with imperfect information has¬†finally surpassed that of humans.

Moreover, computer experts believe that AI can be used in any situation where information is incomplete. That includes business negotiation, military strategy, cyber security and medical treatment.

Via Reuters