Uber Thanks Pakistanis, Offer Discounts for Next 10 Trips

The news of alleged ban on ride-hailing services Uber and Careem wasn’t welcomed well. People took the social media by storm to show their support for these companies, news channels were also quick to highlight the issue.

While there was some confusion and propaganda, both governments and the companies clarified the situation later. So, now there is no ban on Uber or Careem and people can use these services just like they used to.

Careem already thanked all of its users for their support and now Uber has started providing discounts on rides, expressing their gratitude to the public.

How to use Uber Discount?

Each user can get 25% off their next 10 trips. For that you’ll have to use the coupon code “ThankYouPakistan”.

  • To enter the promo code, open the Uber app. Go to the menu section and select Payments.
  • Then click on Add Promo / Gift Code and enter thankyoupakistan. Once you have confirmed it will show as active promotion.

Keep in mind that this promo code is valid for up to 10 rides in Lahore and Karachi, till midnight 12am, Friday February 3rd.

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