Dubai Seeks Punjab Government’s Help for Digitalization & Cyber Security

Punjab Information Technology Board will assist the authorities in Dubai government for the digitalization of their police stations and improvements in the cyber security system.

A formal request made by chief of Dubai police Abdullah Khalifa at a meeting with PITB chairman Dr Umar Saif in Dubai, asked for Pakistan’s expertise. Talking to media Umar Saif said that PITB will integrate all surveillance systems with police stations in Dubai.

The Punjab IT Board will also ensure cyber security of financial institutions and other departments, which will be part of a wider security network. Dubai authorities have also requested to develop a crowd monitoring system in connection with Dubai 2020 Expo.

Punjab is role model for Middle East and Africa:

PITB has an experience of digitalizing 712 police stations in the 36 districts of Punjab, implementing cyber security measures and modern approach for all government departments.

It is worth noting that this year, PITB is assisting the Nigerian Hajj Operations as well; providing full support for seamless online integration.