Met Department to Introduce Advance Briefing System for New Islamabad Airport

The Pakistan Meteorological Department will be providing advanced technology based aviation met services from New Islamabad international Airport to all international and National flights.

The Meteorological Department with support of aviation division, has procured a State-of-the-art “Pilot MET Briefing System” from France that will be installed at NIIA before it becomes operational.

A press release states that the technical staff of has been trained about this system by Aviation Expert from COROBOR France last week.

It further said that Meteorological Department would also up-grade its existing aviation-met services at all airports soon.

Why Pilot MET Briefing System is Needed?

Weather information is necessary at each step of a flight, for take-off and landing, the pilot must be informed of poor visibility on the runway, gust wind, wind shear and heavy precipitations.

Along the flight path, the pilot must be informed in advance about turbulence areas, location of cumulonimbus clusters, jets (strong winds), the risk of icing, volcanic ash, warnings issued by the Met services of the countries overflown during the flight.

To be able to provide an exhaustive briefing on current and forecasted weather conditions, the Airport Meteorological Service needs a Pilot MET briefing system.

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