Audacious Aussie Journalist Dennis Aims to Bring Cricket Back in Pakistan

DDP (Dennis Does Pakistan) is a multi-purpose initiative that aims to show the resilience of Pakistani people amidst all negatives and also aims to be a stepping-stone towards bringing international cricket back to Pakistan by neutralizing the negative sentiment.

Dennis Does Pakistan Initiative:

The initiative “Dennis Does Pakistan” (DDP) revolve around 5 major cities of Pakistan; Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan and Sialkot. From documenting how Pakistani streets gave birth to tape-ball cricket to playing cricket with Zaheer Abbas, this tour will have it all. It covers a first hand account of the local cricket scene and culminates to how even after a decade’s absence of International cricket, Pakistan reached Number 1 spot in Test cricket and won the ICC Champions Trophy earlier this year in the UK. DDP will show the most raw and unbiased account of the cricket scene covered by an international journalist and we hope to make a positive impact and play our role in bringing back cricket to Pakistan through it.

Dennis got the full support of Cricingif:

Dennis is an audacious Aussie journalist, who doesn’t shy away from speaking the truth no matter how difficult it might be to swallow. He is on a mission to Pakistan to create a documentary in collaboration with Cricingif, exploring the innate relationship Pakistanis have with cricket, and put to rest some of the misconceptions the world has about Pakistan.

Dennis and Cricingif have been working together for many months on their successful weekly “You’ve Got Bail” show on social media.  He has enjoyed the local culture and street cricket, on his experience in exploring Pakistan till now.


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