Smartphones and internet have become an addiction for many people today, especially infecting the young adults of this generation.

These modern devices do solve many of our problems, but they are also the cause of arguments and conflicts.

People are so dependent upon internet and smartphones that they can’t separate them from their lives anymore and to make things worse the addiction is increasing day by day.

This addiction is often termed as Nomophobia, which means a fear of losing your cellular connection.

There’s a cure for Internet Addiction:

However, like every addiction there is a cure for Nomophobia. In Brazil, the Instituto Delete is focused on treating cellular and internet addictions. This rehab center was set up by the psychology department at the Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro in 2013 by psychologist Anna Lucia King.

Instituto Delete aims to help those who are internet-dependent. The treatment focuses on finding a healthy way to use mobile phones rather than completely eliminating them from our daily lives.

The use of mobile phones and internet becomes abusive when the virtual interferes with the real, when one loses control, that level of addiction is easy to fall into.

At the Delete institute, patients take a test to determine what kind of addiction they have and professionals evaluates whether they have any anxieties, social phobias or obsessive compulsive disorder.

In the next step, patients are separated into three groups, depending on the level and type of addiction they have, and then receive personalized treatment. They also get special treatments if they have developed physical problems, like neck pain etc.

Delete is the first institute of its kind in the region but the internet addiction is now becoming a worldwide problem and such services are often lacking across the globe.