Ban on YouTube to be lifted before dissolution of assemblies

Responding to the point of order raised by Shazia Marri of Pakistan Peoples Party, the Federal Defence Minister Syed Naveed Qamar assured the National Assembly that the ban on YouTube would be lifted before the assemblies complete their terms.

MNA Shazia Marri said that as YouTube is an excellent source of information and entertainment for general public and banning it for prologue period is unjustified. She said that with the advancement in technology, government also need to improve the monitory system and devise a better mechanism to solve this issue.

In his response Mr. Naveed Qamar said that government was making serious efforts to restore YouTube and a decision would be taken within a couple of days.

It is strange that now even the Blasphemous content is still there Government is going to open access for YouTube that was blocked in September last year due to the same content & Google repeatedly denied requests made by Government of Pakistan to take down the content and yet no legal action has been taken against the Google Pakistan officials?

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