Samsung Premiere 2013 Galaxy & ATIV, will be livestreamed on YouTube

Samsung is going to hold the Samsung Premier 2013 in London tomorrow. As the name suggest that Samsung will unveil many new Galaxy and Ativ devices at the event, including the android powered mirror-less Galaxy NX camera. Samsung will also showcase the newly announced Galaxy S4 Active and Zoom to the public and probably the Galaxy S4 mini will be also there.


The event will not only include Android powered devices but devices running Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will also be there as Samsung is going to launch new ATIV products at the premiere.


Samsung has announced that they will stream the event live on its YouTube channel on June 20 at 11:00PM Pakistan Standard Time. But bad news is that YouTube is still banned in Pakistan, so you have to use proxy or VPN in order to watch the event live.