facebook-own-profileSo you’ve just got a friend request from yourself on Facebook and now you’re thinking that either your account has been compromised or someone has cloned your profile. If your friends are also posting something similar, you may have thought that Facebook has gone crazy.

Well don’t panic, there is nothing to worry about. All of your account data is safe and secure, no one has cloned your profile either. It is actually a bug in the system which could be exploited to trick someone and send them a friend request from their own profile.

So why and most importantly “how” someone pull this trick off? The answer to why could be “just for fun” as it is a harmless prank and you won’t be violating any Facebook terms and policies.

How can you do this? Just follow the steps below:

  • Download and Install Google Chrome Browser, make sure you’ve got the latest version if you haven’t already.
  • Open Chrome Webstore and install, Facebook Social Toolkit.
  • Login to your Facebook account on Chrome browser.
  • Open the Social Toolkit and click on “Suggest Friends to Themselves”.


This fun trick is working so far, but sooner or later Facebook development team will take note of this bug and fix it. Also keep in mind that whenever you suggest some friend, your name can be seen with  the request but only on the web version of Facebook, so be ready to face the consequences.