Google Waived €100,000 Adwords Bill For 12 Year Old Kid

People who aren’t so tech savvy often confuse Google Adwords and Adsense with each, apparently that’s why Google has a separate page explaining the difference between two. In the simplest words, Adwords is where you spend money and Adsense is where you earn money.

However, José Javier, a 12-year-old trumpet player from Spain didn’t know the difference very well. He decided make an ad for his band “Los Salerosos” on YouTube and thought he would actually earn the money whenever someone clicks on it. Little did he know he was actually spending the money and all of that was an expensive mistake.


The young boy used the details of his family savings account for payment and Google billed them with €100,000. The bank informed his mother after an initial charge of €19,700 and she did put a block on the account, however Google kept billing the account later.

Quartz reported that the boy was lucky enough that Google investigated this case after being reported in local media and recognized this “innocent” mistake, they finally decided to write off the entire amount.

Google won’t be so generous in future:

The company made a one-off concession this time to cancel the bill, Google’s spokesperson recommended that families look to Google’s Safety Center page for families to prevent their kids from making such errors.