Samsung Launches KNOX 2.4 Security Platform in Pakistan

Samsung, in coordination with Jazz has introduced the Samsung KNOX security platform in Pakistan. A special launch event was held in Lahore, targeted at the business audience to provide them information regarding KNOX utilities in business.

KNOX is a holistic enterprise platform that provides enhanced security and container solutions with cloud-based enterprise mobility management services as well as a marketplace, which provides it products and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps.

With greater security and improved usability, based on constant innovation in mobile technology to meet rapidly changing mobility needs, Samsung KNOX provides an evolving platform for today’s dynamic enterprise mobility requirements.

In order to give complete awareness to the participants of event, detailed presentations of salient features of software were carried out. Jazz being a partner of Samsung also presented its company and innovative ideas for future. Other companies also demonstrated their work to intact with Samsung software.

Some Salient Features of KNOX are listed below:

Enterprise Split Billing: Enterprise Split Billing clearly identifies what portion of data usage is from enterprise use, and what is from personal activities. This enables enterprise customers to properly compensate their employees for cost generated because of work.

NFC and Bluetooth inside KNOX Workspace: Near field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth are now available inside the software Workspace, allowing users to stay connected to their peripherals while inside their container.

Container login using Active Directory: IT Admins can now choose an Active Directory password as the unlock method for KNOX containers. This allows them to use a one password-management policy to manage desktop and mobile services.

KNOX Mobile Enrollment: Mobile Enrollment enables IT admins and MDM solutions to stage and enroll a large number of devices automatically by configuring device information in the cloud.

Cloud SDK: The Cloud SDK is a JavaScript-based policy management tool designed to make it faster and easier for our partners to adopt and support new features on their launch day.

Quick Access: KNOX Quick Access leverages Samsung wearables such as the GALAXY Gear to allow extended access to an unlocked software container. Once the wearable is out of range, the software container locks it automatically.

Conclusions are yet to be drawn that how this android platform is going to resolve mobile productivity issues and achieve its goals to meet evolving enterprise mobility challenges.