The 1st round of Huawei Academy ICT Skill Competition in Pakistan came to a successful conclusion at the FAST University Islamabad recently.

More than 2,300 students, from more than 30 local universities, participated in this event. The top 50 winners proceeded to take part in the second-round of the competition, held at Lahore.

The top 6 of the competition received awards along with an opportunity to take a free-trip to Huawei’s head office in Shenzhen, China. Once there, they will be competing in the final round of the Huawei Academy ICT Skill Competition, against the winners coming in from many other countries, around the globe.

Huawei Pakistan will sponsor this entire competition. The contestants came in from many local institutions that teach the relevant courses, covered in this test, along with training in router, switch, network, security, WLAN, storage, and Cloud-Computing technologies.

 Huawei Academy at a Glance:

Huawei Academy is a school-enterprise, cooperation-education program, backed up by the company’s strong R&D competence. Huawei has launched this program to develop the ICT talent cultivation chain, promote ICT technology and train local ICT technicians.

The academy covers the latest ICT technology, interconnects training courses with Huawei’s career certification. It enhances students’ practical abilities and employability through communication, training, and hand-on practices aimed at contributing to social development.

As a socially-responsible enterprise – ‘Huawei Academy’ is nurtured as a Non-profit, social and educational development activity in many countries, where the company operates.