Intel Helps Developers Simplify the ‘Internet of Things’

Intel Intelligent Systems Framework

Intel Corporation recently announced several new advancements in support of the Intel Intelligent Systems Framework, including a ecosystem growth, framework-ready products and two new software tools designed to help reduce time-to-market and costs for developers.

To simplify the deployment of intelligent systems, which comprise what is frequently called the “Internet of Things,” Intel recently released the Intel Intelligent Systems Framework. The framework is a set of interoperable specifications designed to address connecting, managing and securing intelligent devices in a consistent and scalable manner.

“In just less than 6 months since the Intel Intelligent Systems Framework was released, we’ve seen impressive support and adoption from this rapidly expanding ecosystem,” said Naveed Siraj, Country Manager, Intel Pakistan. “The framework provides a consistent and scalable way for the embedded community to develop intelligent systems and shift resources from the development phase for extracting greater value from their data.”

ADLINK and Eurotech have joined an existing and growing network of system vendors, Internet service providers, system integrators and cloud-to-device services that build upon the Intel Intelligent System Framework and both companies will be demonstrating their Intelligent System Framework ready demos in the Intel booth. Current ecosystem companies include Advantech*, Arrow Electronics*, Avnet*, Axeda*, Dell*, Digi International*, Kontron*, McAfee*, Portwell*, WebHouse* and Wind River*.

In an effort to help reduce development costs and time-to-market, Intel is releasing two new software tools – the Intel® System Studio and the Intel® Firmware Support Package to support ISF.

Intel® System Studio is a new software suite that integrates multiple development tools into one comprehensive package, enabling embedded and mobile software developers to quickly and efficiently deliver reliable systems based on Intel processors and SoCs. Intel System Studio includes powerful system and application debuggers to help get systems running, a memory and thread error checker to strengthen reliability and tools to optimize code that can boost power efficiency and performance.

Intel Firmware Support Package provides low-level Intel CPU, Intel chipset and memory firmware initialization capability using a standardized interface. The Intel Firmware Support Package can be easily integrated into any boot loader of the developer’s choice, such as coreboot*, Wind River VxWorks*, BIOS, Real-Time Operating Systems, Linux* and open source firmware.