How to write Urdu and Arabic in Photoshop CS6

For many years we have used InPage to write Urdu and to create graphics with Urdu text. InPage is still widely used in the Industry but Unicode Urdu is also getting popular, with Unicode you don’t need any software or special operating system. Just install the Urdu keyboard of your choice and start writing Urdu in notepad or any other text editor. You can write Urdu in Facebook status, Twitter updates or create your own Urdu website or blog. Now a days there is a wide range of beautiful and stylish range of Urdu fonts is available for free.


But how to create graphics with Urdu text over them? should we go back to InPage? The answer is “No”. Earlier there were special versions of photo editing software like Photoshop were available labeled as ‘Middle East’, with which you can write RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu. Now in Photoshop CS6 Adobe added the Middle Eastern type in all versions, you just need to activate the feature. Here is how you can do it.

For Windows Users:

  • To reveal Middle Eastern type options in the Photoshop interface, do the following:
  • Choose Edit > Preferences > Type
  • In the Choose Text Engine Options section, select Middle Eastern.
  • Click OK, and restart Photoshop.
  • Choose Type > Language Options > Middle Eastern features.


For Mac Users:

  • Photoshop > Preferences > Type
  • In the Choose Text Engine Options section, select Middle Eastern.
  • Click OK, and restart Photoshop.
  • Choose Type > Language Options > Middle Eastern features.


Now to create content in Arabic and Hebrew, enable right-to-left (RTL) text direction. While RTL is the default direction of text, many documents also include left-to-right (LTR) text. You can seamlessly switch between the two directions.

When you are working in Arabic or Hebrew, you can select the type of digits you want to use. You can choose between Arabic, Hindi, and Farsi.


You can download the 30 days trial version of Photoshop CS directly from this link. To install Urdu keyboard and a few stylish fonts download Pak Urdu Installer and start typing urdu in a matter of seconds. If you encounter any problem following the guide and writing Urdu and Arabic in Photoshop CS6, let me know via comment.

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  • One hell of an information post! Actually a post of the century!!!

  • Thanks for the tutorial. Easy and helpful.

  • salim

    great post no doubt, just wondering if "pak urdu installer" available for mac users too.

    • Jahangir

      I guess its not available for Mac, only Linux and Windows.

  • I have no words of thanks to such solve my problem of urdu/Arabic typing for the last two years. I was trying and trying and installed many urdu fonts but unable to understand what was the problem. I just loved you helpful posting. Keep it up. Allah will give you reward for helping others.

  • Bilal

    I'm typing Urdu in CS6 alright but it isn't showing up as joining handwriting. e.g. pakistan is coming across as separate hijjeh

    • Muhammad Zohair Chohanan

      May be because you aren't using Urdu fonts.

    • Maliha Ashraf

      Same here. I am using Jamil Noori Nastaaleeq font. Its not working :/

  • Hey you made my day I was in search of writing urdu in photoshop well you just figured out what to do thanksss millions of times . buhat buhatttttt buhattt thanksss.. 🙂

  • Malik owais

    Hello budy on my browser Urdu is written in joining words but in Photoshop separate words are appearing

    • Muhammad Zohair Chohanan

      You need to use Urdu fonts

      • saqib

        sir, the problem of not abble to write joining urdu still exists, i have installed urdu fonts as well (noori nastalique etc).



        Can u help me in this regard? Plz

  • Thanks Zohair.

    Very simple and informative article.

  • saqib

    sir i use photoshop but i could not write urdu in photoshop plz help me

  • M. Said

    I've installed urdu fonts, and even converted my keyboard to urdu. But when i try to copy paste something in urdu from the net it shows up backwards. O_O

    can you help?

    • Muhammad Zohair Chohanan

      What version are you using?

  • M. Said

    I've installed the urdu fonts and even converted my input language to urdu, but whenever i try to copy paste urdu from somewhere, it ends up backwards. Like in pakistan, it will show up as natsikap (in urdu of course). Can you help? O_O

  • Urdu

    You can also write Urdu or Arabic using a software called "Urdu Nigar Unicode" which is a Free Urdu Editor. The user can copy Urdu text from Urdu Nigar Unicode and then paste in PhotoShop or Corel Draw.

  • Nouman Younas

    زبردست، اب صرف ایک سافٹ وئیر پر ہی سب کام ہوجائے گا 🙂

  • Usama

    I can't see the Left to right option in paragraph.

  • shami

    thank you so very much brother…

  • Ammar N.Basrai

    the middle eastern feature is locked in my photoshop how to enable it in text ???

  • Rizwan Wazir

    Thank you

  • Muhammad Sulaman

    I install photoshopcs3,,but i don,t know ,how i use udru..plzzzzzzzz help

  • rais ahmad

    tnk u very much brother !! realy helpful 🙂

  • muhammad amir

    i done as directed but when i restart my cs6 portable software it autmatically change the option to its original one “East Asian” i dont know how to get ride of this problem. can any one help me?

  • Tariq4126

    Download Inpage to type urdu

  • Wahaj Khan

    Thankyou so much (Y)