NUST Students are going to Represent Pakistan at RoboCup

Students of NUST are going to represent Pakistan at the annual RoboCup, in Leipzip Germany this year. This one of its kind tournament is major football event, played by “robots”.

The first edition of RoboCup was held in Osaka in 1996 and it aimed to develop a humanoid robot soccer player better than a human by the middle of 21st century. We aren’t there yet, however these robots are getting smarter each year.


The game rules doesn’t allow major human interference and robots play by their programming. These robots uses cameras, communication devices and sensors to kick the orange plastic ball towards goal post.

This is the 3rd time that NUST has qualified for the event, however due to lack of funds the team couldn’t travel before.

Our dream came true this year when the university managed to allocate 1.5 million Rupees for the team’s travel to Germany.

Dr. Yasar Ayaz, Head of Robotics & AI Department

Zain Murtaza, who leads this ten member team wants to teach robotics to more and more students and tell them how interesting this stuff is.

NUST’s team will have to face 31 other teams from universities around the world in RoboCup, between June 27 to July 4 this year.

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