Gmail Users can Now Stream Video Attachments without Downloading Them on Computer

Google is rolling out a new feature for Gmail users that allows them to stream video attachments without downloading them first.

Previously, in order to view a video attachment in Gmail, you would have to download it to your computer and open it with a media player.

But now you will see a thumbnail of the video and have the ability to stream it, right from inside Gmail and it won’t require any extra plug-ins.

Optimized Video Streaming:

Google claims that this feature uses the same Google infrastructure that powers YouTube, Google Drive, and other video streaming apps. Which means that all the video attachments will be delivered at optimal quality and availability.

It is worth noting that quite recently Google bumped up the attachments size you can receive with any email from 25MB to 50MB.

This attachment video streaming feature is already available for all Gmail  and G Suite business Desktop customers.

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