Pakistan and Afghanistan will Use Google Maps to Settle the Border Dispute

Pakistan shares its borders with four neighboring countries – Afghanistan, China, India, and Iran. The border with Afghanistan is the longest at 2,430 kilometers, called Durand Line which runs from Hindu Kush and Pamir Mountains.

Though it is officially considered a border between two countries, Pakistan has always shown leniency for the Afghans trying to enter Pakistan. Pashtuns living in the region have personal and business relationships on the other side of border that allows them to freely move in the area.

However, during the times of clashes and attacks from terrorists Pakistan closes the border and tighten the security to keep the terrorists from entering into Pakistan.

Recently a border dispute also led to deadly clashes between the Pakistan Army and Afghan Forces, when Afghanistan border forces killed the census team of Pakistan visiting bordering villages of Chaman.

Now it has been decided that officials from both countries will conduct a survey using Google Maps and other available tools including GPS and satellite imagery to determine the border line between two countries.

Google Maps aren’t always correct:

Google has one of the largest collection of Satellite imagery and it maintains the maps for nearly every country on the planet. However, Google Maps are sometimes not very authentic, since the Internet firm complies with local laws and show borders that are in line with the national demands.

Like Google shows Kashmir as a part of India for Indian internet users, but for the rest of the world Google shows the Line of Control and denotes that the area is disputed.

So, even if Google is involved in the border recognition between both countries, it won’t help much, since Google Maps are not authentic and could be influenced easily.

Unfortunately, the Durand Line is so long that Pakistan can’t afford to deploy its forces at all of the area or use modern techniques to enforce the border restrictions.

For this both countries will have to sit together and cooperate as friends to avoid further clashes and respect the officially declared border lines.

Source: Dawn