Vivo, OPPO & Xiaomi Have Established a Mutual Alliance

In a surprising move the three big smartphone manufacturers from China have jointly established the “inter-transfer alliance” to achieve cross brand one-touch mutual transmission. According to this alliance, smartphones from all three brands would soon be able to transfer files with each other at up to 20 MBps without any third-party app ensuring a seamless […]

OPPO Finally Launches F7 in Pakistan with an iPhone X Like Notch and 25MP Selfie Camera

OPPO, the Selfie Expert and Leader, today launched the F7. Taking smartphone technology to new heights, the F7 utilizes improved AI technology for selfie photography in addition to many more AI-powered operational features. Together with the Super Full Screen and upgraded multi-tasking software, the F7 offers consumers a better user experience. Priced at PKR 39,899 […]

OPPO Launches the Limited Black Edition of F3 Dual Selfie Camera Phone in Pakistan

OPPO has launched a new version of the OPPO F3, a new Black look priced at PKR 29,899 for the mid-range market. The recently launched OPPO F3 Gold is the second in line dual selfie camera Selfie Expert after the F3 Plus. The F3 features a dual selfie camera setup consisting of a 16-megapixel Selfie […]

OPPO F3 Launch is Happening Tomorrow in Pakistan and other Key Asian Markets

The Chinese smartphone maker OPPO is going to launch the F3 Selfie Expert smartphone tomorrow in key Asian markets, including Pakistan. This would be the second smartphone from OPPO to feature a Dual Selfie camera setup – the company launched F3 Plus just a month ago, which debuted this new Selfie experience. OPPO has been […]

Huawei Dethrones OPPO to Retake Lead in the Chinese Smartphone Market

For the past few years, the Chinese brands have taken the lead in their home market and names like Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi have become the number one choice for majority of Chinese consumers. While Apple and Samsung are still popular in Chinese smartphone market, they’re not selling the volumes they once used to. Huawei becomes […]

OPPO Pakistan will Launch Selfie Expert F3 Smartphone on May 4

Last month OPPO launched its first Dual-Selfie camera smartphone, F3 Plus in Pakistan. At the launch event it was announced that the base mode, F3 would be launched later; but specific details were not provided. Today OPPO Pakistan has teased the F3 smartphone on its official Facebook page with a launch date of May 4. A […]

OPPO’s Upcoming Smartphone Looks Like an Ugly Copy of iPhone 7 Plus

OPPO managed to dazzle the tech-enthusiasts and camera lovers around the world with its new periscope-style Dual-Camera technology at the MWC this year. This new setup could achieve 5x lossless optical zoom and removes the camera hump on the back altogether. However, this new camera tech might take a couple of years before we can […]

Chinese Smartphone Maker OPPO Gets in Serious Trouble for Disrespecting Indian Flag

The Chinese smartphone maker OPPO, which is picking up momentum in South Asian market, especially in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is under a lot of fire in the Indian market. Since the last couple of years OPPO has invested heavily in the Indian market by spending millions of dollars in advertising and setting up manufacturing plants. This […]

OPPO F3 Plus Gets Unboxing Treatment Before Official Unveiling

OPPO is all set to launch the next generation of its Selfie-Expert smartphone at an event simultaneously held at 5 locations, including Pakistan. The event scheduled on March 24 will unveil OPPO F3 Plus, that would be the first phone from the Chinese smartphone maker to feature dual Selfie cameras. The phone recently got an […]

OPPO Confirms the Launch of Next Generation Selfie Expert F3 Plus Smartphone on March 24

A couple of weeks ago we told you about OPPO’s next generation of Selfie Expert smartphones, namely F3 and F3 Plus that will feature Dual-Selfie cameras. Today, through an official message OPPO has confirmed the launch of F3 Plus that will be unveiled in 5 key markets of Asia simultaneously on March 24. Surprisingly there is no mention […]